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Ánima Magazine

My challenge was to design a magazine based on my own personal interests. As a Latin-American woman, I've seen a lack of recognition of female artists throughout history.

Ánima is a space where female-identifying Latinas can unabashedly showcase their creative work and share their career experiences.

My role

Editorial Design

Luisa Jahn

12 weeks




Ánima creates a safe space where Latinx work is on the spotlight

Ánima magazine gives Latin-American female identifying people a space to showcase their creative work, and to share their experiences in their respective fields. The first issue of Ánima gives special recognition to Venezuelan voices, especially from within the country, where creative careers are becoming harder and harder to pursue considering the socio-economic situation.

Flip through Issue #1

The Invisibility of Latin American Women Artists

Throughout history, Latin American women have faced countless challenges because of our sexist society. Because of this, female artists are often not taken seriously and are oftentimes belittled or erased from history. The fact is, latin women had an important role in shaping the art world throughout the twentieth century.

Ánima Magazine Covers

Ánima's design
goal is to evoke
a nostalgic feeling

With the muted colour palette and retro fonts, Ánima's goal is to evoke a sort of nostalgic feeling in its readers. As an expat myself, I am very familiar with the feeling of homesickness. I wanted Ánima to provoke this feeling, not to cause any heartache, but to remind people that they're not alone 

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