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Diablos Chocolate

My challenge was to create a chocolate brand and packaging that reflected the festive nature of the Venezuelan festival "The Dancing Devils of Chorpus Christi". An important part of my design process is to consider the environmental impact of my products. The Diablos chocolate box can easily be transformed into a sound amplifier  giving it a second life instead of becoming landfill immediately after consumption. 

My role

Package design



Luisa Jahn

7 weeks





banner diablos

Diablos Chocolate was inspired by a
five-century-old Venezuelan tradition

According to experts, Venezuelan Cocoa is one of the best in the world. Venezuela also prides itself on a rich cultural background. The Diablos Artisan Chocolates were Inspired by a five-hundred-year-old Venezuelan tradition, “Los Diablos Danzantes de Corpus Christi” (The Dancing Devils of Corpus Christi). These festivals are a representation of the triumph of good against evil. 

 The playful, vibrant & rustic branding
was inspired by artisanal goods

With vibrant colours, busy patterns, and dancing devils, Diablos playful and rustic branding represents Venezuela’s hand-made artisanal goods, which are marketed towards tourists and chocolate importers. The box includes four types of artisanal chocolates inspired by Latin American flavours: Coconut, chili peppers, coffee, and salted caramel.


 Diablos packaging brings a unique
spin to traditional chocolate boxes

The Diablos packaging features a 4-tiered design with a dynamic pentagonal shape, which highlights the beautiful, intricate illustrations. The box includes an informational brochure about the different chocolate flavours and  the history of Venezuelan cocoa production. It also insides an instruction manual on how to easily turn the container into a sound amplifier.

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